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30. juni - 14:16
Mer informasjon og alle saker om koronasituasjonen fra kommunen finner du her:
Du er her:   Sagalund - avdeling Marihøna   ›   Tjenester   ›   Barnehage   ›   Kommunale barnehager   ›   Sagaskogen barnehage   ›   Information in English Sagaskogen

Welcome to Sagaskogen kindergarten



Sagaskogen kindergarden is a nursery school spread over two houses with a total of four departments. One house called Sagalund an is located at Moerfeltet, the second house is called Rustadskogen an I located at Rustadfeltet. Both nurseys have a small childrens department in the age 1-3 years and a large department age 3-6 years. We are working with the Reggio Emilia philosophy and look at children as competent people who “can, will and dare”.



Sagalund kindergarten was built in 1978 and was owned and operated by Moer Well until 1988 when Ås kommune took over the operation. Sagalund is a full day kindergarten with two departements.  The nursery has 48 seats distributed on 2 units. Department for the smallest children is Marihøna from 1 to 3 years and Tusenbein that is for children from 3 to 6 years.

The kindergarten is situated on Moer, ca. 1, 5 kilometers from the centre of Ås and UMB. The easiest accesses is by driving Brekkeveien, and then turn right into Søråsveien. (Take the first right after Maxbo)  If you are walking, Ekornveien is a good solution, but it is closed for driving in the end of the road.



The kindergartens address:

Ekornveien 50, 1430 Ås

Phone number: 6496 2690

                               6496 2691 (manager)

                               6496 2692 ( Marihøna)

                               6496 2693 (Tusenbein)


Homepage: http://www.as.kommune.no/sagaskogen-barnehage.350451.no.html

Email: sagaskogenbarnehage@as.kommune.no





Rustadskogen nursery was built in 1978 by Rustad well, and taken over by Ås kommune 1.1.1988. The nursery is peacefully located at the end of a dead end, thus without through traffic. We have a large and varied outdoor area with a lot of forest both inside and outside the fence, which gives us great opportunities for good play and great tours. -We have more forest than asphalt! Rustadskogen is a full-day kindergarten with two departments, Hestehov is a small children's department from 1-3 years with 14 full-time spots and Blåklokke is a large children's department from 3-6 years with 24 full-time spots.


The kindergartens address:

Von Øtkensvei 60, 1430 Ås

Phone number: 6496 2680

                                 6496 2881 (manager)

                                 6496 2682 (Hestehov)

                                 6496 2683 (Blåklokke)


Homepage: http://www.as.kommune.no/sagaskogen-barnehage.350451.no.html

Email: sagaskogenbarnehage@as.kommune.no



Sagaskogen kindergarten has a 100% manager and a 60% secretary.


Manager: Christian Arstad phone number:64962690/80

Email: christian.arstad@as.kommune.no  




Every department has 4 employees. In addition to the regular staff, there can be staff for children with special needs, students in practice, unemployed who gets work-training, and stand-ins if someone in the regular staff is ill or on holiday.




The first weeks in the kindergarten can be a difficult time for the child. There are many persons to get to know, both children and adults, and many new impressions.

It is very important that the parents can stay together with the children the first days in the kindergarten. Then the parents and the children can be able to get to know the staff and the other children together, and the child will feel more secure.


How many days the children will need their parents to stay with them, will vary

from child to child, but our experience is that most children need 3 – 5 days together with their parents, before they feel secure enough to stay a whole day on their own.

There will be made appointments between parents and staff, for each child, so that the parents can tell us about the child and we can ask questions and tell what we do each day/week in the kindergarten.



The daily contact is important; we can exchange information about the child and get to know each other better. We hope that you can spend some time in the morning and in the afternoon, so we can have time for a small chat, and the child get some time to finish whatever it’s doing.


If someone else is going to fetch the child we need to know in advance. We are not allowed to let the child go with someone we don’t know.


Remember to tell us when you are coming and leaving. We will always try to meet you in the cloakroom, but sometimes we are very busy.  Let us be good models for the children by always saying hello and goodbye to each other!!


Make sure you shut the gate behind you when you come and leave!!




The kindergarten is open Mondays to Fridays from 7.15 a.m. until 4.45p.m. The kindergarten is open throughout the year, except for public holidays. The staff has five planning-days a year, these days the kindergarten is closed. Christmas Eve and New Years Eve are also closed, and on Wednesday before Maundy Thursday we close at 12. Week 28, 29 and 30 it is closed for the summer.

In connection with Christmas and Easter we ask the parents about their need for childcare these days. Usually many children are away on holidays, and this is an opportunity for the staff to also take some days off.


We have got no “prime-time” in the kindergarten, but if you want your child to participate in certain activities, project, walks in the forest etc., your child needs to come before 9.00 a.m.


You have to leave the kindergarten before 4.45 p.m, when we close.




We have breakfast at 8.00 a.m until 9.00 a.m. The children have to bring their own food. They will get milk or water to drink.


At 11/12 a.m. we serve lunch. The children get bread with different kinds of cheese and meat. To drink they get the same as for breakfast. We have hot meal and salad bar every week.


At 2/3 p.m. the children get fruits; oranges, apples, bananas etc. If the child needs to eat you have to bring you own food here as well.

The parents pay extra for meals, kr. 400, - pr. month.




All children are going to have 4 weeks of holidays throughout the year; 3 weeks must be taken in summer, between week 28, 29 and 30. Children who are leaving the kindergarten, and are going to start school, have to take all their holidays before August 1st.


Both children and staff are taking most of their vacation in July. To make this work the public kindergartens are closed the three last weeks of July. In April we send out a form to all the parents, and you have to decide witch other weeks your child is going to have holidays. When we have all the forms, we can decide how much staff we need every week.. The parents will be informed in June about how many children and how many employees (and who) there will be in the summer open kindergarten.



The pree-school teachers work 33, 5 hours in the group (including break) every week, and have got 4 hours for planning. The assistants work 37, 5 hours in the group (including break).


The staff in the kindergarten has to sign a contract that makes sure that we don’t tell anybody any information that we get about the children and the parents or any other information we get in our work.




We are celebrating all the children’s birthdays in the kindergarten. We put out the flag in the morning, make a birthday-crown, and have something special to eat for desert. And we sing the Birthday-song: Hurra for deg…. or Gratulerer med dagen....

If you are going to invite some of the children in the kindergarten to a private birthday party, we ask you kindly, not to put invitations in the children’s shelves. It is very heartbreaking for those who are not invited.  You can get a list of the name, numbers or addresses in the kindergarten.

We also want to be a sugar reduced kindergarten, so we will arrange the celebration.



The children must be suitable dressed, for inside -and outdoor activities, for different kinds of weather and different times of the year. The clothes should be practical and comfortable. It’s a good idea to have at least one whole set of changing clothes for your child in the kindergarten.


What should be in the kindergarten?

The children needs:

  • minimum one set extra clothing
  • rain clothes/ boots
  • outer clothing
  • wool/ fleece in winter
  • slippers


It is important that you write your child’s name on its belongings. Then we know whose stuff it is, and it is easier to find if something is missing.


Every Friday you have to empty the shelves, this is for washing.




We don’t want the children to bring their own toys to the kindergarten, but a book that we can read together or a comfort toy is of course ok.



If a child is ill, it has to stay at home. It is important that you inform the staff about your child’s disease.  If the other children can get infected we will inform the other parents. Sometimes it is difficult to know if a child is ill or not. You have to consider if it is well enough to stay in the kindergarten, if it is not quite well it can be very exhausting to stay in the kindergarten all day. As a rule it has to stay at home, when it has got fever, diarrhea or is vomiting. If a child gets ill in the kindergarten, we will phone you. Preferably the child has to be sympthomefree for 24 hours before it comes back to the kindergarten again. With diarrhea and vomiting it must be at least 48 hours since the last outbreak until the child comes back.

Please make sure that we are always able to reach you, tell us if you change phone numbers. By emergencies, we will contact doctor immediately.

It is also ok to know if a child has been ill during the weekend/ night.

Sometimes parents ask if their child can stay indoors because they are not quite well. This is difficult for us, and we can say yes only in special cases. (Like asthma)



There has to be a written agreement between parents and staff if a child must get medicine in the kindergarten.



All children are insured against accidents. The insurance covers the time the children spend inside the kindergartens area, on trips made by the kindergarten, on the direct way from home to kindergarten, and from the kindergarten to home.



When your child start in the kindergarten, you have to fill in a form, so we know if we are permitted to take your child on different public transports. Usually we walk when we go somewhere, but we hire a bus to go to church before Christmas, sometimes we go to Oslo by train amongst other things.



If a child is going to quit the kindergarten, you have to tell us 1 month ahead.  You have to give a written notice to the headmaster.



The price for a month I 3040,-The payment depends on your income.   We serve lunch, this is extra, and costs 400, - pr. Month. You pay for 11 months a year, July is free of charge.

If you the household has an income under 548 500,-, you have right for a redused monthly price. You have to bring dokumentation to the kindergarden and fill out a form, you find at Ås kommunes home page.



In the cloakroom, we have two cupboards where we put different kinds of information to the parents.  It is important that you read these notes, ask us   

if you don’t understand! We will also post plans and other informations on our homepage witch you can find on Ås kommune’s home page.



We invite all the parents twice a year to a parents meeting. We tell you about our pedagogical plans, and want your opinions about them. Sometimes we use the meeting to discuss certain subjects’ that concern children.


Twice a year we also invite the parents to each child, to come and talk with us. Then we can exchange experiences about the child, how he or she develops; language, socially, physical and psychical, and if it is happy in the kindergarten. It is also an opportunity to tell us if you are satisfied with the kindergarten, and what you expect from us. Take contact if you want more than two meetings.



Sometimes we invite parents to social meetings in the kindergarten. This can just be to come and drink coffee, or we have an exhibition or something else. This is a nice opportunity to meet the other children and parents, and to get to know them.



If you are wondering about something? Just ask us!